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License Class
This object holds definition of license. It can be used to load and get license details in your app.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: TreeksLicensingLibrary
Assembly: TreeksLicensingLibrary (in TreeksLicensingLibrary.dll) Version: 1.3.5562.40448
public class License

The License type exposes the following members.

Public methodLicense
Initializes a new instance of the License class
Public methodStatic memberDeserializeXML
Generates LicenseInfo object from XML.
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Protected methodFinalize
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Public methodGeneratedSignedLicenseXML
Generates license xml WITH signature
Public methodGenerateXML
Generates license xml WITHOUT signature
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Public propertyExpirationDate
Gets or sets license expiration date
Public propertyExpirationCheckOnlineOnly
Set's, if license expiration must be checked online. If TRUE, license will be treated as invalid when offline.
Public propertyHardwareID
Gets or sets hardware id of license. If set, license can be used only on computer with specified hardware id.
Public propertyLicenseInfo1
Gets or sets custom license info property.
Public propertyLicenseInfo2
Gets or sets custom license info property.
Public propertyLicenseInfo3
Gets or sets custom license info property.
Public propertyOwnerName
Gets or sets license owner
Public propertyProductName
Gets or sets product name
Public propertyRestrictions
Gets or sets restriction info.
Public propertySerialNumber
Gets or sets serial number