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TreeksLicensingLibrary Namespace
This is root namespace of Treek's Licensing Library. It contains all objects needed for work with it.
Public classDeveloperLicense
Use this object to set your license of Treek's Licensing Library to avoid DEMO message.
Public classHardwareID
This class helps to determine Hardware ID of user's computer.
Public classLicense
This object holds definition of license. It can be used to load and get license details in your app.
Public classLicenseSigningKey
This class holds keys for license signing.
Public classLicenseVerification
Use this class to verify user's license.
Public classNetworkTime
Allows to get local time from online server through the NTP protocol.
Public classRandomKeyGenerator
REQUIRES PROPERTIES: KeyLetters, KeyNumbers, MaxChars
Public classRijndael256
Holds symmetric encryption methods.
Public classSHA1
Holds functions to get hashes of files (or string) in text format.
Public classVersionInfo
Class to get TreeksLicensingLibrary.dll version programatically.